Rugby World Cup 2007 Tickets


With many matches sold out of regular tickets then what's a rugby fan to do to see a live World Cup game?

The first stop should be the official Rugby World Cup ticketing site. This is the safest option since the tickets are sanctioned by the Rugby World Cup organising committee. You might not get to see the game you really desire anymore but there's no harm in trying. Fresh tickets are periodically made available so even if a match appeared sold out before there's a slight chance that more tickets will become available.

If you've got a bit more money to spare then you can try a specialist tickets provider. These companies seem to purchase tickets allocated to corporates then make them available to the general public, albeit at an inflated price. The good thing though is that you can pretty much choose your match, even the officially sold out ones. I used a specialist ticketing provider to purchase a few last-minute tickets for the 1999 Rugby World Cup in the UK and had no problems with the tickets - in fact the seats were in excellent positions. (As a New Zealander though the match outcomes weren't what I'd hoped for!)

The next possibility is to try online auction sites like trademe or ebay. Prices vary a lot depending on the match and you've got to be pretty quick to get a decent deal. Although this sounds like a good option in theory (buying tickets off people that don't need them), you run a higher risk that the tickets wont be valid. The Rugby World Cup 2007 organisers state that tickets purchased through unofficial means may be cancelled, or that purchasers may be turned away at the gates. It's up to you for whether that's a risk worth taking.

The final option (other than winning a competition, snagging tickets from a corporate sponsor or having a sick/generous friend) is to try your luck at the stadium entrances on match day. This has to be the riskiest option of all and wont help much if you need to make travel arrangements in advance. But know I people that have purchased tickets at the gates for previous world cups and the prices weren't too bad - though they were sitting in the back row.

Good luck with your Rugby World Cup ticket search!